These are five problems about the infamous Hotel Mario game that PhantomStrider mentions in Worst Mario Games.

Problem # Quote
Problem 1 "The same five seconds of music plays over and over, 'til it feels like some sort of Chinese torture device!
Problem 2 "The CDI cutscenes are the most cheesy things since double cheese crust pizzas with extra cheese."
Problem 3 "The gameplay consists of the same slock-colored trees, doors, and seizure-inducing scenery over and over!"
Problem 4 "Could they have possibly made the game more pug fuglier? Just looking at this strewn-colored mess of animation feels more like I'm gazing into a toilet after someone's been sickened to it.
Problem 5 "The gameplay is maddening! For every one door you close, a Goomba will inevitably open five more, and it just keeps repeating for what I believe could be forever! God knows I couldn't finish the game!"
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