This page refers to Strider's video series offering various tips on anxiety, Asperger's Syndrome, depression, relaxation and mindfulness.

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  1. Anxiety Tips 1 was originally made for the charity organisation "U R OK" and to raise awareness of coping tips for people with and without Asperger's. Strider revealed in this video that he was on the Autism spectrum to try and help remove the stigma of the diagnosis.
  2. Strider describes Asperger's in his videos as simply a different re-wiring of the brain. He discusses the benefits of self-taught Cognitive Behavioural therapy and regular excercise.
  3. Anxiety Tips 2 was made during when Josh was having the worst depressive episode of his life (this was around the time he made Worst Religious Cartoons) and introduces the technique of "Acceptance Commitment therapy." This is slightly newer mental technique than CBT and Strider wanted to share this technique during his depression to better understand the perspective of viewers with similar mental challenges.
  4. Strider also discusses (and demonstrates) deep breathing in Anxiety Tips 2, encouraging to practice it occasionally.
  5. Anxiety Tips 3 was made in response to Strider receiving a larger amount of backlash on the internet than usual. In order to help him work through some of the cruelest criticism and name-calling he had ever received, he wanted to share his perspective on how to interpret internet cruelty and determining whether it is constructive.
  6. Anxiety Tips 4 was simply Strider sitting for 10 minutes and meditating. This was made after Strider had begun practicing meditation more frequently and wanted to share its benefits with the community. It is intended to be able to be used as a stand-by guidance video.
  7. Strider never does guided meditation and prefers to be alone with his own thoughts.

Recommendations for future Anxiety tips videosEdit

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