# Character Cartoon Image
6 Raven

Teen Titans Go!
(April 23, 2013-Present)

Raven Teen Titans Go.jpg
5 Robotnik

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (September 6, 1993-December 3, 1993)

Robotnik fat fat fat.jpg
4 Donald Duck

Quack Pack (September 3, 1993-November 28, 1993)

Donald duck quack pack by 9029561-d7774ah.jpg
3 The Red Guy

Cow and Chicken (July 15, 1997-July 24, 1999)

2 Mojo Jojo

Powerpuff Girls 2016 (April 4, 2016-Present)

1 Stewie

Modern Family Guy (September 28, 2008-Present)

Stewie griffin by mighty355-d6swij5.jpg


  • PhantomStrider: "To me anyway, Cow and Chicken is a literal dictionary definition of a B-Grade cartoon."
    Cow: "Piggyback ride."
    Chicken: "Alright, hop on. Ooh!"
    PhantomStrider: "It wasn't outright abysmal, but it certainly was forgettable. The stories tended to be surreal and stupid; ranging from episodes about tongue sandwiches to fried pork butts and taters to cow pies. A lot of the time, I just found them kind of annoying."

-His opinion on Cow and Chicken. 


  • Excluding the Red Guy (Cow and Chicken), all of his choices are from his Worst Cartoon Remakes list (or in Modern Stewie's case; from renewed cartoons).
    • He even uses the same countdown footage that he used in the Worst Cartoon Remakes (The intro to Quack Pack).
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