# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
10 Mulan
P21118 p v8 ac
June 19, 1998 86% (7.6/10)
9 Frozen
November 27, 2013 90% (7.5/10)
8 Toy Story 3
June 18, 2010 99% (8.3/10)
7 Fantasia
November 13, 1940 96% (7.8/10)
6 Lion King
June 24, 1994 92% (8.5/10)
5 Hunchback of Notre Dame
P18139 p v8 af
June 21, 1996 74% (6.9/10)
4 Beauty and the Beast
November 22, 1991 94% (8/10)
3 Zootopia
March 4, 2016 98% (8/10)
2 Mary Poppins
August 27, 1964 100% (7.8/10)
1 Inside Out
Inside Out (2015 film) poster
June 19, 2015 98% (8.2/10)

Honorable Mentions

Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB Why It's Not on the List
Up (2009 film)
May 29, 2009 98% (8.3/10) "For some reason, Up just never quite grabbed me the same way movies like Beauty and the Beast or Zootopia did. I don't know if it was because our older character was a little too crotchety or our side characters were a little too bouncy, but it just never quite immersed me, but I can still tell as one of Pixar's most emotionally packed, beautiful movies and certainly worth a mention."
Big Hero 6
Bighero6 team
November 7, 2014 89% (7.8/10) "I watched this very recently and I'd hate to say it, but I was very underwhelmed. I found myself rolling my eyes whenever the cool, genius college kids came on-screen because they just felt like overdone caricatures to me. I almost ended up skipping ahead to the parts where Hiro and Baymax were, but with that said, I personally think there's some of the most astounding CG Pixar has ever given us. The greatest part of the villain for me was watching the nanobots form around like waves in the ocean."
June 27, 2008 96% (8.4/10) "Geez, the first half of this movie is amazing. Again, the amount that is said with zero dialogue is unbelievable, but the second half made it a bit more meh to me. I never much liked the human society and almost would have preferred if we just stayed on earth with WALL-E. I'd put WALL-E at probably #11."
Sleeping Beauty
P10222 p v8 aa
January 29, 1959 92% (7.3/10) "I just had to give this movie a quick mention for its animation. This movie still looks beautiful, even by today's standards. I literally remember nothing from this movie except Maleficent and how unbelievably astounding it looks. I don't think Disney has ever done animation that felt so traditional fantasy. Whenever I look at the colors, I immediately envision dragons and magic."
Wreck-It Ralph
November 2, 2012 86% (7.7/10) "I grew up with video games like most people, so I did enjoy how they brought them together in Wreck-It-Ralph. Ralph and Vanellope are an endearing duo and their friendship was really touching. Wreck-It-Ralph would most likely make 11 or 12 for me personally."
November 20, 1992 94% (8/10) "It's funny, re-watching Aladdin as an adult, I realize how much Robin Williams made this movie. Aladdin and Jasmine were okay, but neither of them left an impact on me like the genie did. Sadly, this was a role that Dan Castellaneta, as much as I like it, couldn't quite fill the boots for."
Nightmare Before Christmas
October 29, 1993 94% (8/10) "I liked Nightmare Before Christmas, but it just never felt as cleverly written or as intriguing as other Disney movies before it, and about the only part I remember about this  movie is the animation and the introducing song. I just didn't feel it was as much writing in this movie to grab adults, but either way, that's just my opinion. It's still a great cult classic."


  • PhantomStrider: "I like Frozen."
    ["Crowd" throws tomatoes at him.]
    PhantomStrider: "Scooby-Doo... kinda... sucks?"
    [The "crowd" throws even more tomatoes at him.]
    PhantomStrider: "I know the market has been ridiculously oversaturated with Frozen merchandise and for the longest time, none of us could escape this movie. But to me, it's still a great movie! Most of the time, I dislike songs in Disney movies. They normally feel tacked on and unnecessary to me; but every time Elsa or Anna start singing, I just turned to jelly!"

-His introduction to his Frozen review. 


  • He covered Mulan and Beauty and the Beast's direct-to-DVD sequels in Worst Disney Movies.
    • Hunchback of Notre Dame's direct-to-DVD sequel will later make it as a dishonorable mention in Worst Animated Sequels (September 8, 2016).
    • He later considered Lion King's direct-to-DVD sequel a guilty pleasure for him personally. Lion King 1½ made it as an honorable mention in Worst Disney Movies
  • He will later cover Victor, Hugo and Laverne (the 3 gargoyles) from Hunchback of Notre Dame in Worst Disney Characters (April 9, 2017). Olaf from Frozen will also make it in the same video as a "dishonorable" mention. 
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