# Title Image Release Date Status on IMDB
10 Fight Fighters
9 The Last Mabelcorn
8 Time Traveler's Pig
7 Tourist Trapped
6 Northwest Mansion Mystery
5 Soos and the Real Girl
4 Legend of the Gobblewonker
3 Little Gift Shop of Horrors
2 Bottomless Pit
1 Not What He Seems

Honorable Mentions

Episode Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List Status on IMDB
Scary-Oke "This one I'd definitely call #11. It actually manages to match the amazing introduction we got to Season 1 - zombies, secrets, FBI agents, and... karaoke! This one's definitely worth a watch."
The Staunchian Candidate "Stan runs for mayor. Stan!! The loud-mouthed, insane scammer that lets... a bear drive... him around town. Stan himself is such an entertaining character to watch regardless of the setting. He's so boisterous and in-your-face that watching this guy run for mayor is just the perfect setting for him!"
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