Chicken Little is a 2005 American 3D computer-animated science fiction comedy film, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and loosely based on the original fable of the same name. The 46th Disney animated feature film, it was directed by Mark Dindal from a screenplay by Steve Bencich, Ron J. Friedman, and Ron Anderson, based on a story by Mark Kennedy and Dindal. The film is dedicated to Disney artist and writer Joe Grant, who died before the film's release. This movie is about a young rooster named Chicken Little, who is ostracized by the entire city due to a major accident he caused, and now has to get his reputation back when aliens invade his city.

Chicken Little was animated in-house at Walt Disney Feature Animation's main headquarters in Burbank, California and released by Walt Disney Pictures on November 4, 2005, in Disney Digital 3-D (the first film to be released in this format) along with the standard 2-D version. It is the first fully computer animated feature film ever released by Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (If you don't count Pixar).

PhantomStrider personally considers this to be his least favorite Disney movie of all time due to how mean-spirited the tone of the film is. The entire city is angry at Chicken Little for accidentally telling everyone "the sky was falling" and continues to ostracize him without a single break, even after one year since the accident. His father, Buck Cluck, comes off as just as bad, if not worse, since he continuously ignores his son while he's being ostracized, thus making Chicken Little eventually lose most of his self-esteem. He also criticizes its animation.

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