# Title Image Release Date
6 Ghoul Friend
4515370 orig
October 4, 2013
5 Mickey's Garden
July 13, 1935
4 Runaway Brain
Runaway brain by thefightingmongooses-d4l3wba
August 11, 1995
3 Der Fuehrer's Face
Tumblr inline n9g0tnHT761qlp7wf
January 1, 1943
2 Pluto's Judgement Day
August 31, 1935
1 The Mad Doctor
Mickey Mad Doctor-460x700
January 21, 1933


  • Strider previously talked about Der Fuehrer's Face in Most Controversial Cartoons (February 16, 2015).
    • This is also the only choice on the list that didn't have Mickey Mouse at all, but had one of his teammates, Donald Duck.
  • Later discusses Mickey about to be sawed in half (The Mad Doctor) in Darkest Disney Moments (October 3, 2017).
    • The Mad Doctor, since it was made in 1933, was in black-and-white, but he found a somewhat colorized version to do his review.
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