# Episode Cartoon Image Release Date
10 Slasher Nutshack
May 3, 2011
9 Homer’s Enemy The Simpsons
May 4, 1997
8 The American Dad After School Special American Dad!
September 17, 2006
7 Auto Erotic Assimilation Rick and Morty
August 9, 2015
6 Screams of Silence Family Guy
October 30, 2011
5 Pigmalion King of the Hill
King-of-the-hill pigmalion
January 12, 2003
4 Alone Moral Orel
October 21, 2008
3 Coma Mr. Pickles
November 9, 2014
2 Lost in the Parking Space Drawn Together
Lost in Parking Space 2007
November 15, 2006-
October 4, 2007
1 Time's Arrow Bojack Horseman
September 8, 2017

Honorable MentionsEdit

Episode Cartoon Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
July 7, 2017-
"It's hard to pick out one episode of this show, since pretty much every episode is bleak in a dark, gothic setting. While their tend to be some darker themes explored in its entirety, such as povery, religious exclusivity, and questioning the value of life, these are pretty constant throughout the entire series. "
Rick Potion #9 Rick and Morty
January 27, 2014 "This episode just gets darker and darker with each passing minute! From the entire world craving Morty's body after getting jazzed up on Rick's oxytocin virus, disfiguring them into mantises, and then into the ultimate revulsion murant Cronenbergs. The darkest part about this episode is probably the ending, though, where Rick and Morty have to bury their dead parallel universe counterparts. We witness here probably the most scarring moment for Morty that he ever goes through."
200 & 201 South Park
April 14, 2010-
April 21, 2010
"I've left these off the list since I've discussed them before. Basically, Episode 201 was censored due to real-life assassination threats on Trey and Matt from a terrorist organization. And truly there is something wrong with our world, when a topic is so dangerous to discuss that even Trey and Matt have to step down; when lives are actually at risk by merely mentioning a name."


  • First time he reviews Moral Orel. He mentioned how "Alone" actually contributed to the show's cancellation since the episode's dark atmosphere (as well as the show having an immensely dark tone in general, especially in Season 3) had concerned Adult Swim executives.
  • Second time he reviews "Screams of Silence" from Family Guy since Worst Family Guy Episodes. Since this came out a year after his Worst Family Guy Episodes commentary, he got to elaborate further on the episode's infamy that involved around the victim blaming and the message that killing the abuser is the only true solution to end an abusive relationship.
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