# Episode Cartoon Image Release Date
10 The Haunted House Samurai Jack
May 17, 2003
9 Change Your Mind Steven Universe
January 21, 2019
8 Twisted Sister
Tough Love
Speed Demon
Powerpuff Girls


May 26, 2000
December 23, 1998
June 2, 2000
7 The Rival The Amazing World of Gumball
January 5, 2018
6 Tote Life We Bare Bears
November 2, 2015
5 Nightmare Hospital Steven Universe
Nightmare Hospital 168
September 10, 2015
4 Come Along with Me Adventure Time
September 3, 2018
3 The Mask Courage of the Cowardly Dog
October 18, 2002
2 Only a Dream Justice League
October 11, 2003
1 Haunted Teen Titans
October 2, 2004

Honorable MentionsEdit

Episode Cartoon Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
The Joy The Amazing World of Gumball
June 19, 2014 "This episode was recommended a lot and it's played up as dark, but ultimately, the creep factor is more played for laughs. I mean, it's a hugging virus!"
Candy Is Dandy
Powerpuff Girls

December 16, 1998
November 10, 2000
"How many dark Powerpuff episodes are there?! In Abracadaver, the girls face a re-animated magic corpse that forces Blossom into a spiked iron maiden. In Candy Is Dandy, though, the darkness is more abstract, as we watch the girls slowly cave into a growing addiction. Except it's candy! But it's presented as though it's a drug addiction. which makes for really good commentary that kids can relate to."
The Birth of Evil Samurai Jack
August 16, 2003 "Here, we see the show talk about when true evil is born and the devistation it can have. I've always liked that about Aku. This character can jump between an unspeakable evil and a comic relief in the next moment. It makes for one of the most memorable cartoon villains I've ever seen."
Aye Aye Eyes Dexter's Laboratory
February 18, 1998 "Apparently, some people think of stalkers when they see this episode. But personally, even as a kid, I found this episode just kind of adorable."
Bismuth Steven Universe
Bis fight
August 4, 2016 "Here, we get introduced to the gem, Bismuth. Her intentions are good in protecting her friends, liberating the Earth and fellow gems from Homeworld's tyranny, but wants to achieve this by causing more death. And there's a fair hint of relish she seems to take in the idea of shattering the oppressors and the satisfaction their annihilation will bring her. It's a trying tale of understanding our own hatred, angers and wrath. And how these feeling can influence us and whether we should choose to let them influence us."
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