# Character Cartoon Image
6 Him

Powerpuff Girls
(December 6, 1998-July 2, 2004)

Him by gangstacakes-d5ndvd3
5 Frollo

Hunchback of Notre Dame
(June 21, 1996)

Judge Frollo
4 The Joker 

Batman: The Animated Series
(September 11, 1992-November 5, 1994)

Joker Transparent
3 Robotnik

Sonic SatAM
(September 18, 1993-December 3, 1994)

Satam robotnik
2 Chernabog

(November 13, 1940)

Cherna bog png
1 The Lich

Adventure Time
(May 2, 2011-Present)

The Lich King

Honorable Mentions

Character Cartoon Image Why It's Not on the List
The Queen

Snow White
(February 4, 1938)

"This lady was my first introduction to creepy! Watching her slowly poison Snow White was downright unpleasant, and I don't know if this is discriminatory against grandmas, but she was not a pretty lady! She was quite ugly in fact."
Bill Cipher

Gravity Falls
(June 29, 2012-February 15, 2016)

S1e19 bill snap
"Bill was a villain who liked to misdirect us with childish pranks, but underneath those pranks was something creepy to the core, and by the time we reached Weirdmageddon, he was no longer hiding the fact he was the king of madness. If Chernabog's the king of darkness, Bill Cipher's the king of madness!"
The Horned King

Black Cauldron
(July 24, 1985)

Horned King
"This guy was that rare, super creepy villain that Disney hasn't invoked for nearly 30 years! Sadly, he's a lost breed in Disney movies nowadays."
Mr. Clipboard

(May 7, 2013)

"Oh! I so wanted to give this guy a spot on the list! I know he's not that scary or anything, but he was just so wonderfully awful! I don't care if it's the worst animated movie of all time! This movie gets extra points for the existence of the amazing Mr. Clipboard!"


  • "The original definition of a Lich is basically a wizard who has become so powerful, that he has managed to achieve immortality, but the Adventure Time Lich is beyond even that!"

-His summary of what a Lich is.

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