# Moment Game
6 The Many Evil Possessions of Luigi Various
5 The Many, Many Deaths Super Mario 64
4 The Bad Ending Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
3 World -1 Super Paper Mario
2 Bowser Getting Burned Alive Various
1 Peach Getting Possessed by the Demon Shadow Queen Super Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

Honorable MentionsEdit

Moment Game Why It's Not on the List
Secret Boss Culex Super Mario RPG "A supernatural being found in a Dark Dimension Rift, with seemingly endless power! So Marion beats Culex the way he beats every problem he has in life. He jumps on it. And it actually works. "
Spider-Peach and Zombie Mario Mods Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Super Mario Odyssey "Spider-Peach particularly has an eerie, but cool design. Zombie Mario shows us a version of Mario that has an axe through his head, and no pupils to his eyes. Still kinda cool, though. And a good, dark contrast to the cheery Mario Odyssey world."
Luigi’s Death Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "Luigi, buddy, you just can't get a break. So apparently, it wasn't enough to completely possess Luigi. Here, they just outright kill him off. A giant reaper from the Castlevania world... skewers him with a skythe! Even in the Castlevania universe, seeing Luigi outright die kinda... came out of nowhere. "
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