# Episode Cartoon Image Release Date
10 Plankton Paranoia SpongeBob SquarePants
September 26, 2018
9 The Return of Raggedy Android My Life as a Teenage Robot
September 19, 2003
8 Josh Is Done Drake & Josh
Josh Is Done
February 11, 2007
7 Ultimate Enemy Danny Phantom
September 16, 2005
6 The Puppetmaster Avatar: The Last Airbender
November 9, 2007

The Moochmaster

AKA: "The Tapeworm"

Mr. Meaty
October 6, 2006
4 Chuckie's Wonderful Life Rugrats
February 13, 1994

Stimpy's Fan Club

Ren & Stimpy
April 24, 1993
2 Dark Harvest Invader Zim
April 20, 2001
1 Venom of the Red Lotus The Legend of Korra
October 9, 2014

Honorable MentionsEdit

Episode Cartoon Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
I Remember Melville Rugrats
May 15, 1994 "This is probably my first exposure to the discussion of death in cartoon television. It discusses dying and the transitional periods of mourning; all through Chuckie's dead Bug, Melville.As a kid, this episode actually helped me better understand the process of loss. I can definitely recommend it."
It's a Wishful Life Fairly OddParents
Animated atrocities it s a wishful life by regulas314-d9339qk
May 10, 2005 "Many people tend to consider this episode unnecessarily cruel, as we see Timmy shown in a world where he doesn't exist. And unlike Chuckie's world, all his friends and family are made out to be considerably better off without him. While I like most of the dark episodes on this list, this is one of the few I'd personally skip."
To Heck and Back Rocko's Modern Life
October 10, 1993 "Here, we see out friend, Heffer, taken to Hell! No, I'm not gonna call it Heck because it is clearly Hell! With a Satan about the equivalent to the Genie from Aladdin. It's got some great jokes and is overall just a fun, fourth wall breaking romp with Heffer causing trouble."
Ghost Bride Hey Arnold!
The Ghost Bride
November 11, 2003 "This is the only episode of Hey Arnold that has a Slasher movie feel to it. The episode starts with Eugene telling us of a woman that grabbed an axe, and hacked her sister and boyfriend to pieces while they slept. She's later found sitting by them in a wedding dress, throwing rice over their corpses, and then proceeds to end her own life by jumping out a window. It's a surprisingly brutal, disturbing premise for a Nickelodeon episode."
Buried Secrets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
October 17, 2014 "The turtles think they found April's mother, but it turns out to be an otherwordly, interdimensional horror. This one monster is some of the most gruesome CG I've ever seen from Nick. Seriously, some of the visuals are... wow! I'm really surprised this made it to Nick! The Turtles and April do overcome it in the end, though. But JEEBUS, what a creepy monster!"


  • This marks the first time he talks about the original Ren & Stimpy show rather than its infamous remake.
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