# Episode Image Release Date
6 Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Hospital
August 22, 1990
5 The Good Birds Club
October 17, 2011
4 Fire Episode
February 23, 1990
3 Homelessness and Food Shortage
December 12, 2018
2 Incarceration
June 12, 2013
1 When Families Grieve
April 14, 2010

Honorable MentionsEdit

Episode Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
The Racism Episode
November 26, 1993 "Gina's about to start her shift at Hooper's Store, but suddenly recieves a disturbing call. Her friend Savion tells the caller off and hangs up, but both are left frustrated, and Savion puts it quite succinctly to Telly: "Telly, there's just some really stupid people in the world who can't stand to see it when... people of different races are friends!" The message is kept straightforward and to-the-point, and it's easy to understand. And sadly, was apparently never taught to a lot of people across the world."
Clinton and Kami Talk About HIV and AIDS
September 19, 2002 "In 2002, Sesame Street introduced Kami. She's a kind, caring muppet, but also HIV-positive. She got a permanent spot on Takalani Sesame, which is the South African version of Sesame Street. I really like Kami. She even does talks with both Bill Clinton and even United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, ranging from discussing HIV awareness to good health across the planet. Kami's advice covers everything from how HIV is transmitted, or more importantly, how it isn't transmitted. In fact, Kami has been somewhat of an international spokeswoman for the cause, appearing alongside Oprah Winfrey, Desmond Tutu, Laura Bush, Whoopi Goldberg, as well as Bill Clinton in order to raise awareness for the disease."
December 10, 2012 "This was originally covered in a removed episode, so later, Sesame Street made this segment on divorce instead. It turns out Abby's parents don't live together anymore, and she explains this to Elmo and Rosita. One thing they made sure to clarify is it wasn't the child's fault."
Telly and the Mysterious X
March 24, 1999 "This is actually considered to be the creepiest Sesame Street episode by many. Not specifically dealing with a dark, serious subject, but just considered creepy childhood memories for many. The way the music goes spooky, the world darkens and smoke billows out as a strange X stalks towards the unknowing Telly. My conscious memories don't remember this thing, but my amygdala certainly does."
Disasters: Sesame Street Gets Through a Storm
November 9, 2012 "A massive hurricane hits Sesame Street. Gordon and Big Bird look out in shock over the wreckage left of their town. [Jorge: "In fact, Big Bird's nest is completely destroyed. With his home wrecked, he feels... devastated."] The episode talks a lot about preparing for disasters and the process of losing things important to us. And sometimes, rebuilding what you can of what has been lost."
Julia the Autistic Muppet
April 10, 2017 "Now just to clarify, I don't view autism as a mental illness, but rather simply a different neurological wiring. People did recommend this one, so I wanted to explain why it wasn't on the list. Yes, it presents daily challenges, but it doesn't mean you're not capable. She also communicates that although autism is less common in women, it most certainly exists in both genders."

Trivia Edit

  • This list was made as a tribute to Sesame Street's 50th anniversary.
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