Drawn Together: The Movie is a 2010 adult animated direct-to-DVD American mystery comedy film based on the Comedy Central animated television series Drawn Together written and produced by original writers and executive producers Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein and directed by Greg Franklin. The film is the first Drawn Together release since the TV show's cancellation, and the film itself deals with it.

Even though PhantomStrider personally liked the original show (it was extremely controversial and he discusses it in his Cartoon Guilty Pleasures), he considers its film adaptation to be one of the most hideous and grotesque animations he has ever seen when he rented it at a video store in 2010. One of the worst things about the movie is how it literally pauses itself for 5 minutes for "director's commentary". 

Lists Strider Includes Drawn Together: The Movie


  • Since the movie's content is very explicit, he censors the sexual content using pictures from the original Drawn Together in Worst Cartoons of All Time and Worst Animated Sequels.
    • In fact, the content from this movie was so bad that "The Mysterious Mr. Enter" had to censor his Drawn Together: The Movie review, something he rarely does in his videos.
  • He considers this movie a sequel because the original Drawn Together was cancelled in 2007, and followed it up with the movie in 2010, thus making it a animated sequel.
    • Although, some people disagreed that it was considered a "sequel" just because it's a sequel to a cartoon, not a film.
  • Common Sense Media says the age group for the original show is 16+, and the movie's age group is 18+
  • In his Cartoon Guilty Pleasures, he said that one of the reasons why he likes the original Drawn Together is the fact that the characters are never seen as the good guys or their immoral deeds are acceptable in-universe, while in something like Modern Family Guy, the immoral acts the characters do are just seen as no big deal and just your "average citizen" (especially since Peter gets away with his cruelty just because he's "mentally challenged"). 
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