This is a list shown in Worst Animated Movies on April 24, 2016, that shows 10 reasons why the infamous film Foodfight! is the absolute worst animated movie of all time. The list was most likely made because JonTron and the Nostalgia Critic have already reviewed it in full detail. 

# Quote
1 "Begin by making your backgrounds as blurry and block like as possible. Audience members should have no idea what they're actually meant to be looking at."
2 "If you're not moving the camera, there's clearly something wrong with you! Even in a still shot, make sure you're continually zooming the camera in and out! You should be constantly attempting to give your audience motion sickness."
3 "Make sure the green of your trees is that special puke color to make the audience envision the great metropolitan sewerage system when they're watching your cinematic trainwreck."
4 "Assure, the camera is jerky! And I mean really jerky! It should give your audience the impression that their computer screen is broken."
5 "Make sure your characters look as dead-eyed and zombie-like as possible. Make sure their skin has that special plastic texture to it so the audience feels like they're staring at undead Barbie dolls."
6 "Congratulations! You now have your walking abominations! Now, assure they regularly mug to the camera in order to terrify your audience. If your audience is not crapping their pants, they continue to practice."
7 "Have at least one of your characters litterally be the color of crap. This will assure your audience has most definitely thrown up before the 15 minute mark."
8 "All movements should be unnatural, highly disturbing, and make your audience envision the dancing demons of hell."
9 "There should be at least 200 advertising references in your movie. This will make your audience feel cheap, degraded, and manipulated."
10 "Have twisted, bizzare morals and strange bestality undertones in your characters. This will assure the 2 remaining audience members who haven't run out of the theater feel tormented and horrified."
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