Johnny Test is a Canadian/American animated TV show that originally aired on The WB (Season 1) then on The CW (Seasons 2-3) then on Cartoon Network (Seasons 4-6) and Teletoon (Seasons 2-6) from 2005 to 2014. It used both hand-drawn and Flash animation. This cartoon is about 11-year-old Johnny Test, his talking dog Dukey, and his 13-year-old sisters.

PhantomStrider hates Johnny Test as he finds it teen-pandering and dull. It almost made to his Worst Cartoons of All Time list (revealed in Worst Cartoon Network Shows). He considers Johnny as a character obnoxious and over-privileged. Strider claims that the plots are also "too stupid for words". Strider also criticizes its Season 2 theme, which is a rip-off of "American Idiot" by Green Day.

He calls Johnny X Strikes Back Again the best episode, although he says it's not passable by good cartoon standards. However, he admits Johnny Test is smarter than Talia in the Kitchen in Worst Nickelodeon Shows.

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