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This page refers to the general community that often visit PhantomStrider and LiveStrider YouTube channels.

Community general disposition

While all communities are made up of a wide array of different people with different ideas, personalities and philosophies, the PhantomStrider community has a particularly large amount of generally polite, kind, supportive, welcoming people.

Examples of the community's kind behaviour:

  • If someone in the comments mentions it is their birthday, they will often get a lot of polite well wishes from viewers.
  • When Strider accidentally posted a 1 second livestream of him stuttering, viewers just laughed and cheerily called it the "best video ever," topping one another in the comments on jokes of how "amazing" the video was, leaving Strider feeling much better and laughing over this mistake.
  • In the small collection of LiveStrider charity videos, such as Strider's anxiety tips video series, commenters would help people stating their own anxieties in the comments feel welcome and listened to.
  • When Strider made the video Top 6 Worst Religious Cartoons, there were barely any toxic religious fights in the comments. Instead, people openly admitted their own religious preference and agreed that people shouldn't be manipulated into believing a particular religion.
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    Community art

Community knowledge

This community is responsible for a great deal of ideas that become videos on either the PhantomStrider or LiveStrider channels. As well as the community often voting for their preferred video they'd like to see on the channel next, they regularly offer Strider ideas on which cartoons could go on the aforementioned lists.

The community has a wide knowledge of cartoons, episodes and tv sitcoms. While some commenters

An amazing example of the accumulation of these ideas is the wiki page List Ideas.

Places to find community

The PhantomStrider/LiveStrider community can be found right here on the wiki, and on:

The Facebook page

Their Twitter Page

The Deviantart Page

Fun facts

  • A large portion of the community appear to be in America and the UK. Only a small percentage live in Australia.
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