Ren Seeks Help is the second episode of the short-lived Ren & Stimpy spin-off show, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon". Created by John Kricfalusi, the series lasted from June 26, 2003 to July 24, 2003 on Spike TV (formerly TNN).

Ren Seeks Help is reviewed by PhantomStrider to be considered the #1 Worst Cartoon of All Time. He criticizes the revolting premise of Ren sadistically mutilating/killing various animals including a frog, whom he eventually decides not to kill in order for the frog to continue its misery. He also contemplates the overall disturbing imagery revolving around Ren gruesomely maiming Mr. Horse to death and severing an animal control officer's arm, as well as a 3-minute long beginning sequence of Stimpy loudly wailing and crying non-stop. It is even said that Adult Party Cartoon was so bad that Billy West (Stimpy's voice actor) decided to take no part in it.

Lists Strider Includes Ren Seeks Help


  • He's reviewed this a total of 4 times (excluding as dishonorable mentions).
  • He mentions in Worst Cancelled Cartoons that Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" had its creator, John Kricfalusi, summoned by Viacom to make an adult remake in 2002. However, only 3 episodes aired on Spike TV (formerly TNN) and the rest were sent to DVD in 2006 due to the overly controversial content of Naked Beach Frenzy, Altruists and Stimpy's Pregnant. Due to lawsuits following the cartoon, John Kricfalusi had shut down his company Spümcø in 2005.
  • He made The Worst Cartoon's 3 Lost Episodes on March 14, 2018, where he lists some unfinished episodes that were dropped out due to the show's cancellation.
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