SpongeBob SquarePants is an animated TV series created by Stephen Hillenburg. It's about SpongeBob, a sea sponge doing many different things, such as working at the Krusty Krab for Mr. Krabs, going to Mrs. Puff's boating school and hanging out with his friends like Squidward, Patrick and Sandy. It is currently the most popular show that airs on Nickelodeon, since Rugrats. It currently has 12 seasons. PhantomStrider enjoyed the first four seasons, but isn't a fan of the later seasons (seasons 5-9), so much so in his top 10 Nickeldeon show, he showed a clip of Larry, a side character, saying " I'm just a self of my formal self " with Spongebob replying " I hear you Larry". Later, he has said it's improving on its tenth seasons and onwards.  

He believes the worst episode is One Coarse Meal because Mr. Krabs terrifies Plankton at the point of suicide, and is thrilled when Plankton hits that stage.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sand Castles in the Sand made it to Best Episodes of Bad Cartoons because it was at season 6, which started the infamous seasonal rot the show had.
  • The reason why the show was only #6 in Top 6 Cartoons That Got Bad was because it started improving again, during seasons 9B and 10 (after the second film).
    • He also mentioned in the same video that he loves it when he gets to review SpongeBob and he just really adores the main character so much. 
  • He made Worst SpongeBob Creepypastas on September 11, 2017, where he and creepypasta YouTuber, HoodoHoodlumsRevenge, talk about the worst SpongeBob creepypastas.
  • Stephen Hillenburg, the show's creator, tragically passed away from ALS on November 26, 2018.
  • Strider made a collaboration with PieGuyRulz, an expert on SpongeBob, in Worst/Best SpongeBob Mobile Games
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