The Loud House is a Nickelodeon animated kids' sitcom created by Chris Savino, the full series premiering in 2016. The show is about Lincoln Loud, an 11-year-old boy with white hair, who has to put up with his 10 sisters (Lori, Leni, Luan, Lynn, Lisa, Lucy, Lily, Lola, Lana and Luna) everyday.

Phantomstrider took a liking to the show for being simple, but high paced and high quality. He loves the diverse and likable characters, and adores the soundtrack, claiming the music to be "badass". He also claims that he remembered all 10 of the sisters thanks to their unique personalities. However, he thinks that it generally doesn't translate quite well to an older audience, but still thinks that there is stuff in the show for adults to enjoy.

In Top 6 Worst Modern Nickelodeon Sitcoms and Worst Cancelled Cartoons at the end, he mentions The Loud House, along with SpongeBob SquarePants and PAW Patrol, referring to them as "quality cartoons" and says that they take up a good amount of space on the schedule.

In a livestream, he acknowledges that The Loud House is a good show but admits that the idea of a family as huge as 11 siblings terrifies him, considering that he grew up in a very small family.

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  • Chris Savino himself messaged PhantomStrider to thank him for including The Loud House on Best Modern Cartoons. Said message is mentioned in the commentary of said list.
  • Chris Savino was fired by Nickelodeon due to sexual harassment.
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