# Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB/TV.com
5 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
September 6, 1993 December 3, 1993 6.3/10
4 The Black Cauldron
P8695 p v8 ah.jpg
July 24, 1985 6.5/10
3 The Looney Tunes Show
May 3, 2011 August 31, 2014 7.5/10 (7.2/10)
2 Uncle Grandpa (Season 3)
December 16, 2015 July 1, 2016 4.5/10 (3.3/10)
1 Captain Planet
September 15, 1990 May 11, 1996 6.7/10


  • This is a sequel to his Cartoon Guilty Pleasures
  • While putting Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog on the list, despite being on his Best Episodes of Bad Cartoons and Worst Cartoon Remakes, he considers the cartoon to be in the "So Bad, It's Good!" territory because of some of the abnormal themes, and definitely considers it way better than something like Teen Titans Go! or Yo Yogi!
  • He considers that Uncle Grandpa is improving quite a bit since season 2 and considers season 3 the absolute best season. He even calls himself a hypocrite since he's praising a season of a cartoon he said was one of the worst Cartoon Network shows.
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