# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
6 Ralph Breaks the Internet
November 21, 2018 88% (7.1/10)
5 Cars 3
June 16, 2017 69% (6.7/10)
4 Moana
Moana poster
November 23, 2016 96% (7.6/10)
3 Frozen II
November 22, 2019 77% (7.2/10)
2 Incredibles 2
June 15, 2018 94% (7.7/10)
1 Zootopia
March 4, 2016 97% (8/10)

Honorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB Why It's Not on the List
Finding Dory
June 17, 2016 94% (7.3/10) "Why is Ellen voicing the fish with a learning disability? Next you'll tell me Oprah was in Princess and the Frog. Oh, she was. Anyway. Props to Ellen, though, 'cause she really does sell the role. What I found more interesting here is that Finding Dory is far more about managing anxiety than it is facing some big, evil villain. And Dory's struggles to manage her own mental state felt completely relatable when I was watching. But you know, she keeps on swimming. I can respect that."
November 22, 2017 97% (8.4/10) "Looking back, what I appreciated the most about Coco is how foreign and different it all felt to me, but as Miguel descends into the land of the dead, I honestly never had any idea what to expect next. On Moana, I could take an educated guess on what direction we were heading in most moments. But so much of Coco challenged my expectations. I also really liked Héctor as a sidekick. Just casually travelling along with his great-great grandson. It really shows off Pixar's talents that they could turn the Land of the Dead into such a colorful, spirited environment!"
Toy Story 4
June 21, 2019 97% (7.9/10) "I talked about this one previously in Worst/Best 2019 Animated (Movies), so I'll keep a brief and try to cover some new points. Toy Story 4 doesn't feel like the most necessary sequel in the world, particularly after the very solid ending of 3, but we do get some unanswered questions like what happened to Bo Peep. To be honest, Forky's fine, but the "I'm trash" joke got pretty old to me very quickly. And I found the most amusing part of the villain her henchmen. Seriously, I wanna hire these guys. Probably the two main things that justified Toy Story 4 for me was the very beginning and the very ending. To me, this actually didn't say anything too poignant about finding personal justification in existence. But you know what? It did let me see these two characters I care about come back together, and I appreciate that."


  • This is PhantomStrider's last video of 2019 (and, more specifically, his last video of the 2010s).
  • Like Best American Cartoons (2016), this video was released on Christmas Day.
  • This is his first video where he lists 6 films he considers the least to best quality rather than the worst and best.
  • The movies in these lists are produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar
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