Uncle Grandpa is a Cartoon Network spin-off of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome created by Peter Browngardt. It came from The Cartoonstitute. The animated series follows Uncle Grandpa, the clowny, magical uncle and grandpa who is the uncle-grandpa and brother-dad of every child and adult in the world as he stops by children's houses every day to see how they are doing and help solve their own problems. He lives in an RV and is accompanied by a red talking fanny pack named Belly Bag, an anthropomorphic dinosaur named Mr. Gus, a photo cutout of a tiger named Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, and a talking pizza slice named Pizza Steve.

PhantomStrider's main criticisms are its overly-surreal and nonsensical atmosphere, aggravating main character and creepy plot. He claims that when it crossed over with Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa ruined it (He did get a chance to compliment it in Worst Cartoon Crossovers). However, he appreciates its good morals and how by Season 3, its gibberish was toned down.

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