Video Brinquedo was a Brazilian animation studio, located in São Paulo, Brazil, that produced direct-to-video animated films widely viewed as mockbusters of comparable films from Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios, Hasbro Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. The company was founded in 1994 to distribute children's animation with the intention of distribution in its home market of Brazil, as well as to other global markets. The company was active from 1994 (2006 as Video Brinquedo) until 2012.

Each of the films were heavily panned by critics and audiences alike (including Strider himself) due to the excessively lazy and ugly CGI animation, along with its extremely poor lip-dubbing. He personally considers Ratatoing to be the studio's worst film.

Lists Strider Includes Video Brinquedo

  • Ratatoing made it to Worst Animated Movies at #9. Little Panda Fighter also made it as an "honorable" mention (April 24, 2016).
  • Little Panda Fighter, What's Up, Frog Prince, Little Princess School, and Ratatoing made it to Worst Animated Rip-Offs at #10, #9, #5, #4, and #2 respectively. Little & Big Monsters also made it as a dishonorable mention (August 23, 2016).
  • Video Brinquedo's mockbusters made it to Ugliest Cartoons at #4 (November 13, 2016).
  • Little Princess School made it to Worst Girl Cartoons at #2 (November 14, 2017).
  • Little Panda Fighter made it to Worst Kung Fu Animated Movies at #3 (October 9, 2019).


  • Some of Video Brinquedo's mockbusters (Little Princess School and Little & Big Monsters) were cooperated with Morningstar Entertainment.
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