# Title Image Release Date
5 The Puppets
October 6, 2017
4 The Money
July 9, 2015
3 The Tape
October 15, 2013
2 The Weirdo
The ugly, the ugly and the ugly
March 8, 2017
1 The Night
June 16, 2016


# Title Image Release Date
5 The Shippening
April 20, 2018
4 The Copycats
The Copycats 050
February 6, 2017
3 The Shell
October 9, 2014
2 The Console
Console boss2
February 16, 2017
1 The Choices
S5E06 The Choices 38
October 13, 2016

Weirdable Mentions

Title Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
The Nuisance
October 13, 2017 "Oh, you want weird, do you?! Oh, I'll give you weird! How about the Wattersons as horrifying, fleshy, five-fingered homosapien humans! [Wilhelm Scream; Evil Laugh]"
The Hug
January 14, 2016 "This is some of the most awkward interactions I've seen in this show. So basically. Gumball is trying to be unpredictable, and in the process, hugs a random hotdog stranger, as you do. And because apparently, you can't un-hug a person, he now has to hug the equally polite stranger everytime he sees it. This leads to some very funny moments that I won't spoil for you."

Honorable Mention

Title Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
The Parents
The Parents (49)
June 18, 2018 "This is a perfectly constructed, serious episode. Looking at Nicole's fight with her parents and how they can reconcile, it once again shows that Gumball can do intense but kind episodes that do really well when they want to."
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