# Title Release Date
3 What Does Blue Want To Make? October 13, 1997
2 Magenta Gets Glasses March 6, 2001
1 Blue's Sad Day October 12, 1998


# Title Release Date
3 Blue's Birthday June 14, 1998
2 Blue's Big Holiday November 29, 1999
1 Blue Is Frustrated February 1, 1999

Honorable MentionEdit

Title Release Date Why It's Not on the List

What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?

February 9, 1998 "Steve and Blue take a crazy science journey! We learn a ton of things in this one, like what animals and object might look like up close. There's just a lot of science introduced in this one and it really intrigued me. And weirdly enough, the kids sound really invested in this episode. When Steve is walking away from the Blue's Clues, the kids are really struggling to get him to notice. Hell, the two "skidoo" into outer space and meet the freaking Sun, where we get an interstellar music lesson! This episode felt like we were getting a cross between Blue's Clues, Beakman's World, and Bill Nye."
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