# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
3 Shrek the Third
P159731 p v8 aa
May 18, 2007 41% (6/10)
2 Home
March 27, 2015 50% (6.6/10)
1 Shark Tale
12008038 1300x1733
October 1, 2004 36% (6/10)


# Title Image Release Date Status on IMDB/
3 Prince of Egypt
Prince of egypt-3
December 18, 1998 79% (7.9/10)
2 Shrek 2
May 19, 2004 88% (7.2/10)
1 How to Train Your Dragon
March 26, 2010-February 22, 2019 98% (8.1/10)

Honorable Mentions (Best)

Title Image Release Date Status on IMDB/ Why It's Not on the List
Kung Fu Panda
June 6, 2008-January 29, 2016 87% (7.6/10) "While I thought the overall philosophy was a bit confused, I love how this movie makes martial arts approachable to kids. I bet a lot of kids took up martials art because of Kung Fu Panda. It's a quality series and one of Jack Black's best roles!"
Madagascar 3
Madagascar three ver3
June 8, 2012 79% (6.9/10) "This second sequel was frankly FAR better than it had any right to be! I mean when you look at it, it LOOKS like a garbage sequel! This isn't a best or worst, it's just a sequel I like and wanted to mention it."
May 24, 2002 69% (7.1/10) "A beautiful change in direction for Dreamworks that reminds me a lot of Prince of Egypt. It's once again an earnest attempt to just tell a story with no undercurrent motives or merchandise flaunting. Whether it was or wasn't, it never actually felt money-driven. And I like that."

Dishonorable Mentions (Worst)

Title Image Release Date Status on IMDB/ Why It's Not on the List
Boss Baby
61wd2PsE8HL. SY606
March 31, 2017 53% (6.3/10) "Ugh! This movie is a literal definition of a cringeworthy animated movie. Even the concept itself is kind of awkward and uncomftorable. Was there really that big of demand for this little guy to be played by Alec Baldwin?But to their credit, this is Dreamworks' first average movie in a decade."
Bee Movie
MV5BMjE1MDYxOTA4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDE0MDUzMw@@. V1 SY1000 CR0,0,674,1000 AL
November 2, 2007 51% (6.1/10) "I'm sorry, I just enjoy this movie too much to hate it! Sure, Jerry's phoning it in, but I just got a ton of laughs from the memes and the concept itself is so silly! A bee falling in love with a human woman and suong everyone. Yeah, why not?Culturally, the Bee Movie actually gave us something and I appreciate that."


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