Worst Edit

# Title Image Release Date Status on IMDB
3 Genosect and the Legend Awekened
October 19, 2013 (5.6/10)
2 Giratina and the Sky Warrior
February 13, 2009 (6.3/10)
1 Hoopa and the Clash of Ages
December 19, 2015 (6.1/10)

Best Edit

# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
3 Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
September 19, 2006 (7/10)
2 I Choose You!
November 5, 2017 43% (6.5/10)
1 Pokémon: The First Movie — Mewtwo Strikes Back
November 10, 1999 15% (6/10)

Honorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB Why It's Not on the List
Pokémon 2000
July 21, 2000 17% (6/10) "I saw this one in theaters as a kid. And I've got to admit, it looked pretty astounding on the big screen. Lugia in particular really had that sense of wonder to him. It was viscerally thrilling, but for me, it just didn't leave quite the impact some of the other Pokémon movies did. [Robyn: "The downside to me was that the characters motivations seem weaker in this one, particularly with the villain, Lawrence. But the soundtrack is actually among the best I've heard in all of the Pokémon movies. In fact, the Power of One remains my all-time favorite score in Anime."] Geebus, Robin! That's high praise!"
Pokémon 3: Spell Of The Unknown
April 6, 2001 21% (5.6/10) "Despite the Unown being the most boring protagonists ever, at least Ash, Brock and Misty still have their old resonating characters in this movie. I do still think the Unown are the stupidest Pokémon ever, but fortunately, the humans really helped redeem this movie."


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