# Title Image Release Date
3 Treehouse of Horror XVII
Treehouse of Horror XVII (Promo Picture) 2

5, 2006

2 Treehouse of Horror XI
November 1, 2000
1 Treehouse of Horror XXII
The Diving Bell and the Butterball (052)
October 30, 2011


# Title Image Release Date
3 Treehouse of Horror V
Homershining 0
October 30, 1994
2 Treehouse of Horror II
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror II
October 31, 1991
1 Treehouse of Horror VI
October 29, 1995

Honorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
Treehouse of Horror XXIII
October 7, 2012 "While I liked the ideas they were going for in the Paranormal Activity spoof, it ended up a pretty tedious watch. The only part I thought was awesome was seeing Moe as a demon. I definitely prefer this ending to Paranormal Activity to the real ending of Paranormal Activity."
Treehouse of Horror XXI
November 7, 2010 "I can't fully explain why, but I just really liked this segment with Daniel Radcliffe as a vampire dating Lisa. As well as the way Homer becomes friends with Dracula, it just got a really good feel to it. I don't know if it's considered a weak episode or not, but I personally have really good memories of this episode."
Treehouse of Horror VIII
October 26, 1997 "Oh, this is just the kind of ghouls and goblins segment I like! We get a nuclear apocalypse on Springfield. And of course, the Simpsons are the only ones to not be zombies. I love I love the colors in this one and how it just sets up that feel of a nuclear fallout atmosphere. And the concept of teleportation has always fascinated me. And the third segment very creatively tells us how Halloween started."
Treehouse of Horror XXVI
October 25, 2015 "Some people cite this as one of the worst episodes, but personally, I can't hate any episode with Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob. Seeing Kelsey still in this role that he was born to play just still brings a smile to me."
Treehouse of Horror I
October 25, 1990 "We don't normally get much of a taste of poetry in popular culture. But Simpsons changed that with this episode. Listening to James Earl Jones narrate this eerie Raven poem is perhaps the most memorable poem I've ever heard. It was a phenomenal episode to start the Treehouse of Horror legacy with!"
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