# Title Image Release Date
5 Future Boy Zoltron
September 1, 2016
4 Island Adventure
October 23, 2014
3 Rocknaldo
February 24, 2017
2 Onion Gang
September 15, 2016
1 Escapism
January 7, 2019


# Title Image Release Date
5 Mindful Education
August 25, 2016
4 Change Your Mind
January 21, 2019
3 Mr. Greg
July 19, 2016
2 Rose's Scabbard
March 9, 2015
1 The Trial, Off Colors, and Lars' Head
May 29, 2017

Honorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
Keystone Motel
July 14, 2015 "After Pearl takes advantage of Garnet into diffusing with her in cry for help, Garnet falls apart. With Ruby and Sapphire coping very differentlywith their turmoil and trauma, finding themselves split apart even further by that dissonance. This gives us an intriguing look at the psychology of Garnet, and we can see she has more complexity than we were previously shown."
Last One Out of Beach City
September 8, 2016 "As we've said, Pearl's unrequited love for Rose is a major aspect of the series, asnd Pearl recovering from her grief is a big aspect of her character arc. And in this episode, we get a rather soft story about Pearl joining Amethyst and Steven on a trip to a punk rock show, in an effort to show how "cool" she can be. What follows is a very interesting evening, while Pearl makes a connection with a mysterious woman she has a crush on. It also has a nice message about there being different perceptions of cool. This episode is refreshing because its tone feeled like nothing I've ever seen in the show since. The whole scenario of their night out and their exchanges are very relatable and down-to-earth."
Sworn to the Sword
June 15, 2015 "I think this episode teaches the importance of companionship and self-value. I'd say this is the first episode that I really started to see that strong bond between Connie and Steven."
Can't Go Back
May 7, 2018 "Can't Go Back is an episode that explores all the turmoil Lapis Lazuli has experience. And this eventually culminates Lapis deciding to run away for the third and final time, which is a very powerful moment for the series. While I have mixed thoughts on Lapis' treatment of others, I think there's another great example where the show shines, and simply offering a peaceful, insightful exchange between two characters on a moon base."
Reunited: Part 1
July 6, 2018 "A very pleasant same-sex wedding episode between two well-loved main characters. And I'm glad to see it broke some new ground for the animation industry because of this wedding. It's a sweet, carefully crafted, and satisfying wedding... without ever saying the word "wife" to skip over the more conservative and stupid, insecure censors."

Dishonorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
Kevin Party
December 29, 2017 "While I admit this episode is probably a relatable scenario for many teenagers, I really don't think we needed an episode centered around one of the most irritating and self-centered characters in the show, Kevin."
Dewey Wins
December 15, 2017 "Just an unevenful romp of an upset Steven trying to help Dewey with an election. But eventually, even Dewey admits he's a bad candidate, and I'm mostly wondering why Steven is even helping him. I think Dewey gets a little more redeemable in this episode, as he relents and give the election to Nanefua, and Nanefua becoming the new mayor did feel earned and satisfying. I also like the revelation Steven has at the end. To me, it felt really relatable."
Barn Mates
May 26, 2016 "Lapis has always had a lot of work through as a character, and she often has difficulty with impulse control, which does seem in line with her character as a lack of impulse control can happen in PTSD. And the idea that Lapis has probably struggled with emotional growth and impulse control censor traumatic events does seem very evident in this episode. She treats Peridot horrible here, and it's hard to forgive her character for just how cruel she acts! Overall, I just didn't enjoy this particular episode."
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