# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
5 Shiver Me Whiskers
August 22, 2006 59% (6.5/10)
4 Tom & Jerry: The Movie
July 30, 1993 40% (5.3/10)
3 Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes
August 24, 2010 55% (6.5/10)
2 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
July 11, 2017 28% (4.5/10)
1 Back to Oz
June 21, 2016 33% (5.9/10)


# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
5 A Nutcracker Tale
October 2, 2007 63% (6.4/10)
4 The Magic Ring
March 12, 2002 43% (6.3/10)
3 Santa's Little Helpers
October 7, 2014 (5.6/10)
2 Tom & Jerry Blast Off to Mars!
January 18, 2005 57% (6/10)
1 The Fast and the Furry
October 11, 2005 68% (6.5/10)

Honorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB Why It's Not on the List
Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz
August 23, 2011 64% (6.5/10) "I've mentioned this one before, but upon looking back on it, I think I was a bit too harsh on it. Although it did have its share of annoying moments, it had a lot of good parody content, too, and it was very self-aware. It's refreshingly tongue-in-cheek. Overall, I've changed my mind  and think this one's okay."
Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse
September 28, 2012 62% (6.4/10) "Buried in this one, actually, is some really good Tom & Jerry skits. I really like their swordfight with the water wheel. But unfortunately, the main focus seems to be — well, in my opinion — a pretty cookie-cutter, bland Robin Hood. Once again, Tom & Jerry just feel more in the background every 10 minutes or so. But on the occasions where they were on-screen alone, I really did enjoy how they made use of the fantasy setting in their skits."
Spy Quest
June 9, 2015 92% (6.1/10) "I'm sorry, I just couldn't get into this one! The dialogue feels like a major step down this time. And geebus! Johnny's delivery in particular just annoys me! It just sounds so cliché to me! The animation looks great, though, and having Tom & Jerry just tag along on a secret spy mission makes some varied, interesting settings. It's a visual spectacle, but geebus, I didn't like the writing in this one!"
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