# Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB/
5 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
September 4, 1989 December 1, 1989 6.3/10 (8.2/10)
4 Rabbids Invasion
August 3, 2013 N/A 5.2/10 (5.5/10)
3 Donkey Kong Country
Donkey kong country tv series
October 17, 1997 July 7, 2000 5.7/10 (8.1/10)
2 Mega Man: Fully Charged
August 5, 2018 N/A 3.8/10
1 Captain N: The Game Master
September 9, 1989 October 26, 1991 6.4/10 (7.9/10)


# Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB/
5 Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
September 14, 2002 December 9, 2006 7.3/10 (8.5/10)
4 Sonic SatAM
September 18, 1993 December 3, 1994 6.9/10 (8.3/10)
3 Overwatch: The Animated Shorts
March 21, 2016 N/A 8.7/10
2 Earthworm Jim
September 9, 1995 December 13, 1996 7.5/10 (8.3/10)
1 Castlevania
July 7, 2017 N/A 8/10

Honorable MentionsEdit

Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB/ Why It's Not on the List
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 
June 15, 2013 October 4, 2016 5.2/10 (6.3/10) "This show is weak, but it had a pretty decent over-arching story about Pac-Man finding his parents. And the animation was very colorful and vivid as well. Overall, I thought it was okay."
Team Fortress 2: Meet Them All
2007 2012 N/A

"A biy like Overwatch's cinematic shorts, this was a great way to introduce characters to new players. Or people just interested in the franchise. This series consists of short videos on individual characters, displaying their rather vivid personalities and unique tactics."

April 1, 1997 N/A 7.4/10 (8.1/10) "And, yeah! In case you're wondering, the game did come before the Anime. You can actually tell from the start of the first episode. This does deserve its own spot, because Pokémon is freakin' HUGE! It's the longest running video game cartoon in the world! But I tend to think, most people have set their opinion on whether they like Pokémon or not, so I decided to give it a skip. If you're curious of my general opinion on the series, check out my "Best/Worst Pokémon Movies" video I did with Robyn, if you're curious."
Sonic Boom
November 8, 2014 March 9, 2018 7.9/10 "Man, some of the dialouge and writing on this series is REALLY sharp! This is definitely one of the best reiterations we've ever gotten from Sonic! And while it can be clunky at times, in my opinion, it's a series that's gone better and better!"
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