# Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
10 Delgo
December 12, 2008 12% (4.3/10)
9 Ratatoing
P12076299 d v7 aa
June 26, 2007 22% (1.4/10)
8 Tappy Toes
Tappy Toes (2011)
November 1, 2011 (2.2/10)


AKA: In Search of the Titanic

January 10, 2006 (1.9/10)
6 Eight Crazy Nights
November 27, 2002 12% (5.3/10)
5 Elf Bowling: The Movie
October 2, 2007 24% (1.8/10)
4 Doogal

AKA: The Magic Roundabout (US Version)

February 24, 2006 8% (2.8/10)
3 A Car's Life
November 21, 2006 (1.2/10)
2 A Troll in Central Park
October 7, 1994 17% (5.4/10)
1 Foodfight!
1310080151572 l
May 7, 2013 10% (1.6/10)

Honorable Mentions

Title Image Release Date Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB Why It's Not on the List
Little Panda Fighter
November 18, 2008 (1.3/10) "Geebus! The CG on these just keeps getting worse! A terrible rip off of Kung Fu Panda, the animation stinks and the voice acting's very subpar. There's little else to say."
Drawn Together: The Movie
P8375167 d v8 aa
April 20, 2010 49% (3.2/10) "This movie is bad! In fact, I consider this among the worst cartoons of all time. Not because I hate it, but simply because it's bad. This isn't just a 9-car pile-up, it's a citywide explosive disaster that took out anything within a 10-mile radius, destroying the careers of an entire team of writers and voice actors in its nightmarish wake! But I have talked about it before in my Worst Cartoons, so I left it off the list."
Norm of the North
January 15, 2016 9% (3.6/10) "Norm has a tedious, meandering story and incredibly uninteresting characters. But it was another I just didn't find quite insultingly bad enough to be among the absolute worst. The problem was I was just bored watching this one on the whole way through. It didn't really offend me on a personal level though, so I left it off the list."
Nut Job
January 17, 2014 11% (5.8/10) "I didn't forget it! I actually just found Nut Job refreshingly inoffensive. The CG isn't bad and the voice acting is okay and it seemed the writers were at least trying with the story, so I gave it a skip."
Hoodwinked Too!
Hoodwinked too poster
April 29, 2011 11% (4.8/10) "The CG is pretty subpar but I didn't really mind the story that much. The script and wordplay did feel weak as water, but I felt like the voice actors were trying their best to make something good out of this one. So it didn't quite make the list."
Chicken Little
Chicken Little Disney 2005 Poster
November 4, 2005 37% (5.8/10) "Personally, I think even the worst of animated Disney movies is better than these movies. I'll admit it, Chicken Little is looking pretty good compared to these!"


  • See transcript here.


  • In this episode, he mentions Drawn Together: The Movie as an "honorable" mention since he reviewed it way better in his Worst Cartoons of All Time, but later reviews it as his #1 worst animated sequel nearly 5 months later on September 8, 2016.
  • Stanley the Troll (A Troll Central Park) and Davey (Eight Crazy Nights) will be dishonorable mentions in Worst Cartoon Characters (July 4, 2016).
  • PhantomStrider excluded the 2012 horror film Where the Dead Go to Die from the list because he only watched about 10 minutes of the film and said he wouldn't forgive himself if a kid looked up the film since he mentioned it (In other words, the movie was too horrible, even for him to review). [1]
  • 1st time he makes a list to summarize a cartoon's flaws. 2nd time will be in Worst Kids Cartoons
  • Phantomstrider mentions Norm of the North as an "honorable" mention", but later reviews it in Worst Movies of 2016.
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