# Episode Cartoon Image Release Date
6 Things Change Teen Titans
January 16, 2006
5 Sonically Ever After Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
December 3, 1993
4 Back on Shaq Johnny Bravo
August 27, 2004
3 The Doomsday Project Sonic SatAM
December 3, 1994
2 Goku's Next Jounrey Dragonball Z
January 31, 1996
1 The Lair Mr. Pickles (Season 1)
November 23, 2014

Honorable Mentions

Episode Cartoon Image Release Date ​Why It's Not on the List
Endgame Young Justice
March 16, 2013 "While this got a few recommendations, I actually really liked the ending to Young Justice. I like the disillusionment the team goes through as the evil man is somehow voted into power by the people, and their sadness over the loss of Wally, and how they recover from this sadness. It's bitter, but it has a bite! And it has some guts to it!"
Crouching Binome Hidden Virus Reboot
Crouching binome hidden virus4
November 30, 2001 "This ending was basically the main villain, Megabyte, becoming a trojan virus and taking over the entire system. And... that's it, leaving us with a good ol' cliffhanger with no closure whatsoever! Though to be fair, I think the creators ran into budget cuts."
Fish Out of Water The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
August 31, 2010 "I really liked this ending! I don't want people are talking about! I liked them becoming human and floating away! It was funny!"
Phantom Planet Danny Phantom
August 24, 2007 "I didn't mind this ending! I mean, sure, it wasn't amazing, but it concluded up the lose ends and I actually liked the world and ghosts work together to stop the Phantom Planet from colliding with the earth. It's a bit cheesy and felt a little bit random when Danny and Sam kiss at the end, but there is much, much worse finales out there! In fact, let me show you!"
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