# Title Remake of Image Premiere Finale Status of IMDB/TV.com
10 Quack Pack DuckTales
Tumblr m9nq15eVeA1rfoojfo1 500.jpg
September 3, 1996 November 28, 1996 6.9/10 (7.8/10)
9 Powerpuff Girls 2016 The Powerpuff Girls
April 4, 2016 N/A 3.5/10 (4.2/10)
8 Extreme Ghostbusters The Real Ghostbusters
P382822 b v8 aa.jpg
September 1, 1997 December 4, 1997 7.2/10 (8.7/10)
7 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
September 6, 1993 December 3, 1993 6.3/10 (8.3/10)
6 Loonatics Unleashed Looney Tunes
Loonatics unleashed art work by loonaticsspygirl.jpg
September 17, 2005 May 5, 2007 5.4/10 (7.6/10)
5 The Garfield Show Garfield and Friends
Garfield headerimage.jpg
November 2, 2009 October 24, 2016 5.5/10 (5.2/10)
4 Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans
April 23, 2013 N/A 5/10 (3.9/10)
3 Tom & Jerry Kids Tom & Jerry
September 8, 1990 December 4, 1993 6.3/10 (7.7/10)
2 Yo Yogi! Yogi Bear
September 14, 1991 December 7, 1991 5.6/10 (6.2/10)
1 Every Single Scooby Doo Remake Scooby Doo
September 13, 1969 N/A 7.9/10 (8.2/10)

Dishonorable Mentions

Title Remake of Image Premiere Finale Status of IMDB/TV.com
All Grown Up! Rugrats
April 12, 2003 August 17, 2008 5.4/10 (7.8/10)
Teen Titans Go! and Powerpuff Girls Crossover
June 30, 2016 4.4/10
Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" Ren & Stimpy
June 26, 2003 July 24, 2003 5.6/10 (6.8/10)
Live-Action Cartoon Remakes Various


  • Though this video got over 22,000 likes, his #1 choice being the Scooby Doo remakes gave him a lot of backlash from fans of his videos since the franchise is very well-liked, and thought he was way too harsh on it. Fortunately, he makes it up in later videos by reviewing it in a much more inoffensive tone (especially in Top 5 Cartoons I Hate That Everyone Likes). They also dislike that he considered some of his choices (Extreme Ghostbusters!, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Loonatics Unleashed) "remakes", while they were primarily sequels and spin offs.
    • In Worst Cartoon Live Action Remakes when he puts Scooby Doo: The Movie as a dishonorable mention, he says "But if you do like it, good for you. It's just not my cup of tea personally."
    • In his Top 5 Cartoons I Hate That Everyone Likes, he says he doesn't hate the plot or the formula, just the fact that he personally thinks they just make way too many remakes (they're just too repetitive in his opinion).
  • 3rd time he reviews Teen Titans Go!
  1. Puts it at #4 on Worst Cartoon Network Shows (December 29, 2015).
  2. Puts it at #9 on Worst Modern Cartoons (April 12, 2016).
  • This video's thumbnail is visible on Saberspark's Top 10 Worst Cartoon Intros.
  • Several commentaries were done on this video pointing out what a few YouTubers found to be flaws (mainly being that The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog should not be on the list).
  • In Top 5 Cartoons I Like That Everyone Hates (April 13, 2017), Strider puts Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog at #5.
    • In Best Characters from Bad Cartoons, he puts Robotnik at #5, saying "Even though this show is a guilty pleasure of mine, technically it's another half-broken, shotty DiC animation slapped together as quickly as possible."
  • While briefly mentioning Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" on dishonorable mentions, he uses the Worst Cartoons of All Time music and says he's not giving it anymore attention, particularly because he talked about it in his latest video. He only reviewed Ren Seeks Help, but probably decided not to review any other episodes from the show since Ren Seeks Help was the worst thing he's ever seen.
  • While saying the live action remakes deserve their own list, fortunately, he makes Worst Cartoon Live Action Remakes 2 months later on September 29, 2016.
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