# Character Film Release Date Image
6 Chicken Moana November 23, 2016
5 Gurgi Black Cauldron July 24, 1985
4 Victor, Hugo and Laverne Hunchback of Notre Dame June 21, 1996
3 Milo Mars Needs Moms March 11, 2011
Milo Mars Needs Moms
2 Mushu Mulan II February 1, 2005
1 Buck Cluck Chicken Little November 4, 2005
Ck buckcruck

Dishonorable Mentions

Character Film Release Date Image Why It's Not on the List
Beast Belle's "Magical" World February 17, 1998
"[Beast: "I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE!"] That line REALLY says it all! They didn't just destroy Beast's character, they butchered his original character at a level WORTHY of song!"
Olaf Frozen November 27, 2013
"I personally don't think Olaf's actually that bad. He's mildly grating at times, but he actually doesn't have that many lines when you look at it, and he's pretty quietly spoken."
Everybody Home on the Range April 2, 2004
Home-on-the-range-disneyscreencaps com-8143
"Ugh! Just looking at these characters STILL makes me want to upchuck my lunch! They're all equally clichéd, silly, and aggrivating!"
Tow Mater Cars June 24, 2011
"Larry the Cable Guy plays an annoying rednecked towtruck! A hillbilly nuisance given FAR too much screen time!"


  • "Mushu has to be THE biggest middle finger to the original movie of all! I actually liked the original Mushu! I liked his liked his line delivery! I though he fit perfectly as a sidekick to Mulan, particularly when she's transitioning through her war training. Mushu was very well-intentioned and almost fatherly to Mulan. Doing whatever he could to help protect her from the horrors of war. But this NEW Mushu! Take Eddie Murphy and replace him with a far more grating voice, and make his entire incentive for the movie to split apart a happy couple. Not because he's concerned about Mulan, but purely for his own selfish, childish needs. And he does these constantly cringeworthy sabotages throughout the whole movie in very creepily manipulative ways."

-PhantomStrider telling the difference between 2005 Mushu (sequel) to 1998 Mushu (original).

  • "I've never seen another Disney character turn from so likable and pleasant, into so despicable, petty, selfish, immature, and mean-spirited! Mushu from Mulan II eviscerates the original character, and cheapens the beauty of the original Mulan movie."

-PhantomStrider's brief summary of Mushu's character derailment. 


  • 2nd time he reviews Mars Needs Moms, Mulan II, and Chicken Little. 1st time being in Worst Disney Movies (March 17, 2016). This time he gets to talk about what's wrong with each of the movies' characters.
  • Uses a clip from Cars 2 while discussing Tow Mater.
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