# Episode TV Show Image Release Date Status on IMDB
10 Sun Scream The Powerpuff Girls
July 23, 2004 5.6/10
9 Dream of Love Adventure Time
April 23, 2012 6/10
8 A Pal for Gary SpongeBob SquarePants
January 2, 2010 3.4/10
7 Arnold Betrays Iggy Hey Arnold!
Tumblr mhxzohmtzc1s50kuko1 1280 by bluesplendont-d9tceek.jpg
October 19, 1998 5.8/10
6 The City of Frownsville The Powerpuff Girls
July 23, 2004 5.6/10
5 Keep Beach City Weird Steven Universe
October 30, 2014 6.2/10
4 See Ya Later Gladiator Looney Tunes
June 29, 1968 5.3/10
3 Frost & Fire Adventure Time
At frost fire featured-770x472.jpg
August 5, 2013 8/10
2 Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina South Park
March 9, 2005 7.7/10
1 One Coarse Meal SpongeBob SquarePants
Whale Chases Plankton.jpg
March 25, 2010 3.9/10

Honorable Mentions

Episode TV show Image Release Date Status on IMDB Why It's Not on the List
It's a Wishful Life The Fairly OddParents
Animated atrocities it s a wishful life by regulas314-d9339qk.jpg
May 10, 2005 4.6/10 "While this show isn't one of my personal favorites, there was such a hostile reaction to this episode among fans that it couldn't not be mentioned. An episode dedicated to Timmy seeing how much better the world would be if he was never born. What could possibly be mean-spirited about that? This is another overused, bad cartoon trope that was never funny to begin with."
Everyone Knows It's Bendy Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
February 4, 2005  3/10 "Once again, we have this trope that I've never understood where a villain will continually do bad things, and the hero will get continually blamed and punished for it. It was such a bad episode, the writer deeply regretted making it. But Foster's isn't quite one of my personal favorites, so I left it off the list. "
Lisa Goes Gaga The Simpsons
Lisa Goes Gaga promo 4.jpg
May 20, 2012 4.2/10 "Although perhaps not as classic as it once was, I personally think the Simpsons remains a quality, sophisticated show, which is freaking amazing since it's been running for over 27 years! However, Lisa Goes Gaga was appallingly bad and crapped all over our favorite Simpson characters. I covered it in Worst Simpsons though, so I left it off the list."
The Great Divide Avatar: The Last Airbender
May 20, 2005 7.3/10 "This episode is bad as we have to watch painful bickering between two tribes continually for 24 minutes. But honestly, I only thought it was bad by Avatar standards which is so freaking high that many cartoons can't even see them, so I left this off the list too."
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