# Title Image Release Date
6 Mario's Game Gallery
Marios-game-gallery 1
February 23, 1995
5 Mario's Time Machine
December 1993
4 Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper mario sticker star wallpaper
November 11, 2012
3 Mario Teaches Typing
Mario-teaches-typing 1
November 13, 1991
2 Mario Bros. Atari 2600
B MarioBros Silver front
July 26, 1983
1 Hotel Mario
92078-Hotel Mario (CD-i)-3
April 5, 1994

Dishonorable Mentions

Title Image Release Date Why It's Not on the List
Mario Teaches Typing 2
Mario-teaches-typing-2 1
October 31, 1996 "Aah! What is that?! And why does this disembodied horror call itself Mario?! Again, solid enough gameplay, but by god, that head!"
Mario Sunshine
66410-Super Mario Sunshine-4
August 26, 2002 "Let's help Mario clean graffiti now! This one was recommended a lot, but I didn't personally think it was that bad! The main game is a little bland, but I have this personal love of the adventure field gameplay. And I always kind of enjoyed the novelty of Mario spraying water to get around in... unorthodox different ways."
Mario Bros. the Lost Levels
Nes supermariobroslostlevels front
June 3, 1986 "Basically a collection of all the levels that were taken out of the U.S. Mario version because the Japanese considered them too hard and flat-out unfair. Which is fair enough, because these levels are flat-out aggrivating to try and finish."
Mario's Early Years
34513-Mario's Early Years! - Preschool Fun (USA)-1458954331
1995 "It's silly, but, eh, it's still a solid game. And I'd take this over "Math Rescue" any day!"
Mario Tennis
Cover large
August 21, 1995 "It's Virtual Boy! What can we expect? Every game on that console except Wario stunk!"
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