# Title Image Release Date
5 Mickey's "Magical" Christmas
November 6, 2001
4 Orphan's Benefit
August 12, 1941
3 Mickey Down Under
March 19, 1948
2 Pluto's Party
September 19, 1952
1 Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
November 9, 2004

Honorable Mentions

Title Image Release Date Why It’s Not on the List
The Perfect Dream
December 16, 2017 "Oh, come on! This is the lowest rated modern Mickey Mouse short I could find, and it's fine! I've always found these shorts clever, funny and sometimes a little creepy. They give relatable problems and always give the story an interesting little twist. Three years later and I'm still yet to see an episode of this modern Mickey Mouse series I didn't like. In case you're wondering, I've attached a link in the description."
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
P186176 b h9 ad
May 5, 2006-
November 6, 2016
"Why does this show get such bad reviews?! It's fine! Even the lowest-rated episodes of this show are fine! Of the episodes I've seen, I personally could not find a single offensively bad episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Yes, it's not intellectually stimulating to adults, but this is an educational show for toddlers. Of course it's not going to be! And it's still very tolerable to watch. To me, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is Dora the Explorer... done well."
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