# Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB
6 VeggieTales in the House
23887486 VeggieTales in the House VSC
November 26, 2014 September 23, 2016 5/10
5 Neo Yokio
September 22, 2017 6/10
4 Tarzan and Jane
January 6, 2017 5.1/10
3 H20 Mermaid Adventures
May 22, 2015 July 15, 2015 7.5/10
2 Kong: King of the Apes
April 15, 2016 N/A 6.2/10
1 Magic School Bus Rides Again
P14491493 b v7 ab
September 29, 2017 N/A 7.1/10

Dishonorable/Honorable Mentions

Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB Status on IMDB/
F is for Family
December 18, 2015 N/A 8/10 (7.7/10) "I really, really wanted to put this on the list because I personally despise this show! Excessive vulgarity in adult animation is just such a bore to me, and I personally felt like this show had an unpleasant, overly vulgar feel to it of constant negativity all under the guise of being "realistic". Though, I know technically, this show is okay with steady character development and somewhat realistic scenarios, I guess. Although I don't like the spirit of it, I recognize the show is technically okay with an earnest, if rotten, heart behind it, so I reluctantly kept it off the list. "
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
October 9, 2015 April 21, 2017 6/10 "Ugh! I really wanted to like this one. I enjoyed the old Mr. Peabody & Mr. Sherman cartoons. Yeah, that same self-aware charm of Rocky & Bullwinkle, but this was more like watching a dreary sideshow on fast-forward. I wanted to laugh, but the jokes just felt confusing, too quick and untimately flat."
Big Mouth
September 29, 2017 N/A 8.3/10 "I know I'm the minority on this, but I personally felt this cartoon was okay. Although their trailer was garbage, the show itself to me felt like an unscathing, affectionate look back at puberty."
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