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10 Mr. Meaty
MV5BYjMxNzBhMjYtYzAwZS00MDcyLTk5NTItNmMwM2Y2MzYxMTgyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjAwMjc0NjQ@. V1 SY1000 CR0,0,669,1000 AL .jpg
September 22, 2006 May 23, 2009 5.9/10 (4.3/10)
9 Planet Sheen
October 2, 2010 February 15, 2013 3.3/10 (3.8/10)
8 Talia in the Kitchen
July 6, 2015 December 23, 2015 3.5/10
7 Henry Danger
P10891879 b v9 ae.jpg
July 26, 2014 N/A 5.6/10 (6.6/10)
6 Pig Goat Banana Cricket
Pig Goat Banana Cricket poster.jpg
July 16, 2015 August 11, 2018 3.9/10 (4.8/10)
5 AwesomenessTV
July 1, 2013 March 7, 2015 2.3/10 (3.3/10)
4 Fanboy & Chum Chum
October 12, 2009 November 2, 2012 3.2/10 (2.6/10)
3 Nick Studio 10
February 18, 2013 June 17, 2013 1.1/10
2 Breadwinners
February 17, 2014 September 12, 2016 2.9/10 (2.8/10)
1 Fred: The Show
P9038524 b h3 aa.jpg
January 16, 2012 August 3, 2012 1.6/10 (1.9/10)


  • PhantomStrider: [evil laugh] It's time to rummage through the dumpster that is modern Nickelodeon!
  • Squidward: I am way out of my comfort zone!
  • PhantomStrider: "And unfortunately, there was a ton of garbage to sort through this time! Nick has effectively been beaten to the ground by Cartoon Network in the past decade. But it didn't start off this way. Nickelodeon began with an endless pool of creative ideas in their shows! They were constantly giving us new, fresh ideas with shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold!, Invader Zim, Avatar, and Ren and Stimpy! The shows weren't always good (Rocket Power, Doug) ... but you could certainly always call them creative (CatDog). But sadly, this just didn't last. While Cartoon Network has most gotten better over the years (Cow and Chicken, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Adventure Time), Nickelodeon definitely seems to have gotten worse (Nickelodeon's Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae), The Haunted Hathaways, Game Shakers). And so often you will hear the exact same response from people who see these new shows!"
  • [Nickelodeon's Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae) playing]
  • PhantomStrider: "Just... why!? Eventually this forced them into the corner they're in today. At this point, their ratings are so down the toilet that their channel now consists of 95% SpongeBob reruns! The reason for this? An endless cycle of cringingly-bad tween sitcoms with some of the saddest jokes in acting performances in recorded human history! These shows are a spit in the face to all generations no matter what age! They're dull, unrelatable, and each sitcom uses the same annoying three-second canned laughter two-hundred times... minimum!! Per episode!"

-His introduction to the video

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