# Creepypasta Debut
6 SpongeBob, You're Fired! 2014
5 Theh Storry Off Squidwarrrxxxx 2017
4 SpongeBob Vietnam 2014
3 SpongeBob's Worst Day Ever! 2011
2 Fear of the Krabby Patty! 2016
1 SpongeBob: The Truth 2015


  • 3rd time PhantomStrider has a crossover with another YouTuber (HoodohoodlumsRevenge). 
  1. Had a brief crossover with the "Nostalgia Critic" in Worst Movies of All Time (January 21, 2017).  
  2. Had a crossover with Robyn from "Anime America" in Worst Anime of All Time (May 7, 2017). 
  • Makes a fake creepypasta during the outro with HoodohoodlumsRevenge, instead of just showing the outro music like usual. 
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