# Episode Image Release Date Status on IMDB
6 Waffles
Waffles 1
February 5, 2014 3.3/10
5 Parasite
July 16, 2013 4.1/10
4 Boys vs. Girls
TTG ep73 BoysVsGirls Still03
November 6, 2014 2.6/10
3 Let's Get Serious
TTG ep85 LetsGetSerious Still05
February 26, 2015 4.2/10
2 The Fourth Wall
October 20, 2015 4.8/10
1 The Return of Slade
The Return of Slade Image
July 28, 2015 2.2/10

Dishonorable Mentions

Episode Image Release Date Status on IMDB Why It's Not on the List
Think About Your Future
June 23, 2016 3.3/10 "This is gonna sound crazy, but I actually really liked this episode. It was very self-aware and openly makes fun of itself over how silly the characters have become rather than their usual trend of insulting the viewers. I actually kind of liked the Teen Titans when they're older and how they actually managed to beat up the young Teen Titans. I found this episode okay."
Serious Business
TTG Serious Business 210a 21
October 23, 2014 3.4/10 "Can we at least agree if you start your cartoon off with the pee-pee dance, you probably aren't setting the bar very high for animation. The Teen Titans are enjoying the toilet too much, but then the toilet flies away to join all the flying other toilets in the sky? That's it! We're done!"
The Bottle Episode
April 21, 2016 3.2/10 "What could be worse than Teen Titans Go? A "Teen Titans Go!" filler episode. I feel like this entire episode was just a bet by the writers to see how far they could push the Teen Titans' mindless stupidity without Cartoon Network canceling their show."
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