This is about 10 of the worst parts about the infamous Nickelodeon show Breadwinners in Worst Kids Cartoons on December 21, 2016. This is used as variety since PhantomStrider has reviewed this 5 times already. 

# Quote
10 "The animation is beyond lazy and ugly. Inspired by lazy flash animation originally made by a YouTuber as a joke, and Nickelodeon, in all its well known wisdom and genius, decided: "Launch the cartoon! We need to broadcast to the entire world! Look at the amount of views it got!"
9 "The backgrounds are seizure-inducing and detestable to look at. It's hard to image creating uglier, more obnoxious backgrounds."
8 "All the voices are annoying, loud, ear-piercing, and truly aggrivating beyond all human comprehension."
7 "Throughout all of this, the cartoon is insulting its viewers at the same time. Half the time, SwaySway & Buhdeuce will be shaking their rear ends at the camera."
6 "This cartoon is just so immensly proud of itself. It's just so happy with its own stupidity! The characters are constantly mugging to camera like they're getting good laughs, and it's just... HORRIBLE!"
5 "It is so over-the-top with its animation and yelling, that you'll want the characters dead within 4 seconds of the intro."
4 "It actually does not pay homage to the original material. Even the original YouTube show managed to be better than this."
3 "This cartoon never shuts up. It is constantly going for 20 minutes without giving the viewer a moment of energy respite."
2 "The two main characters are some of the most aggrivating, ear-piercing, nauseating characters in cartoon history."
1 "It actively encourages immoral acts on an under 6 demographic. It is regularly violent and cruel, through ways such as attacking each other with chainsaws and drugging female friends in order to win their love."
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